Apply for Funeral or Cremation Assistance

Apply for Funeral or Cremation Assistance

Skyler’s Gift’s primary goal is to help as many families as possible in this most difficult time of their life. In order to do this and maximize how many families receive assistance we rely on accurate financial information from applicants. Completion of this application does not guarantee financial assistance. You will be notified within 4 business days if approved for assistance. Skyler’s Gift Foundation will help with the cost of funeral and burial or crematory cost up to $1000. In order to apply for assistance please make sure that you fit the following criteria:

  • Your baby was born at or after 22 weeks.
  • Your baby passed away from prematurity related causes.
  • Your baby passed away in the NICU.
  • Applications for assistance cannot be past 14 days from the day the baby passed away.
  • Can prove financial need.
  • The baby was under 6 months of age when he/she passed away.

Please note:

  • Skyler’s Gift does not send payment directly to any applicants. All payments go to the funeral home and/or cemetery.
  • Skyler’s Gift does not review incomplete applications. All required information and material including proof of finances, the funeral home and/or cemetery quotation, and proof of residence must be submitted before we can provide a decision.
  • If you would like to fax any of the requested documentation the fax number is 917-962-0865.

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