How We Solve It

How We Solve It

The funding raised by Skyler’s Gift Foundation will provide support for the following:

  • Mortuary and burial cost
  • Grief counseling for the family (including siblings)
  • Support groups
  • Educational materials for families and the public

Skyler’s Gift also provides financial support for organizations whose missions reflect their own.

Mission Statement:

Skyler’s Gift Foundation provides funding for and raises awareness in support of services that provide after-life care for families who have endured the loss of premature infants; and raises funds for research and advocacy to increase life expectancy for babies born prematurely.

Vision Statement:

Life expectancy for premature babies will rise, and all families that suffer the loss of a premature infant will have the emotional and financial support, resources and care they need.

Supporting families who have loss premature babies & research to decrease premature loss.

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