The Problem

The Problem

According to an EPICure study, 1 in 8 babies are born prematurely in the United States. For those born at 24 weeks like Tiffany and Stephen Bowens’s twin boys, Stephen and Skyler, there is only a 39% chance of survival. Most infants born prior to 24 weeks have little to no chance of survival even with modern medical technologies.

Tiffany and Stephen Bowen started Skyler’s Gift Foundation to provide financial support to families in need that have lost their newborn infants from complications of premature birth. They believe no one should have to face this loss alone and especially without the needed resources in place.

While many services are in place for families during hospitals stays in the NICU, after a loss the support is no longer there. That’s where Skyler’s Gift steps in. Skyler’s Gift raises funds to support families in need and also supports ongoing research to prevent premature births and deaths and raise awareness of this very personal issue.

Supporting families who have loss premature babies & research to decrease premature loss.

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