Skyler’s Gift News
Skyler’s Gift News

Jets’ Stephen Bowen copes daily with death of his infant son

Stephen Bowen sits on a bench in a quiet end of the Jets’ indoor practice facility and turns his left arm over to reveal a tattoo on the inside of his forearm of two babies. “I talk to him everyday,” the Jets defensive lineman says. “I let him know that I never will forget about him, and I will never let anybody else forget about him. He’s always going to have his legacy.”… Read More

Tiffany & Stephen Bowen Jr. on Giving Back with Skyler’s Gift

Pre-2011, I was one of those fools who would have told you my life was perfect. I was happily married, had a beautiful one-year-old, money in the bank, and my husband was a player for the Dallas Cowboys. At any time I could pick up and take a trip wherever I wanted. I had a great group of friends. What more could I have asked for? When I became pregnant with twin boys, it was further proof that my life was blessed. But in the midst of my pregnancy something went tragically wrong, and at 24 weeks I had an emergency C-section… Read More

Redskins Player Tackles Prematurity and Marches for Babies to Help the March of Dimes Save Babies

Washington Redskins defensive end Stephen Bowen and his family will join the March of Dimes at March for Babies, America’s oldest walking event. Now in its 44th year, March for Babies will bring together families and businesses to support the March of Dimes work of helping moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. Six March for Babies events are planned in the Greater Washington Area from April 27 – May 5, 2013, in Fairfax County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Prince William County, Southern Maryland and Washington, D.C…. Read More

Meet Tiffany Bowen, a Redskins Wife Who Used a Family Tragedy as a Call to Help Others

Two years ago, when Tiffany Bowen was in Dallas and six months pregnant with twins, and her husband, football player Stephen Bowen, was in New York on the verge of negotiating a switch from the Dallas Cowboys to the Washington Redskins, she went into premature labor. In emergency surgery, she delivered two boys, Skyler and Stephen, each weighing only a pound and a half. The next few weeks were spent in crisis, a period in which Stephen underwent open-heart surgery and Skyler struggled with an infection that ultimately claimed his life. …. Read More

Skyler’s Gift Foundation Bowl-A-Thon

 Stephen Bowen hosted the Skyler’s Gift Bowl-A-Thon on Friday May 2, 2014 in Washington D.C. In attendance were Dan Snyder and wife Tanya, Bruce Allen, Head Coach Jay Gruden and Redskins players…. Read More

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