In the liner notes for the song, Mangum initialed the letters "(h.p.)" (Don't skip town, grandpa. The guys of Direct Hit! And the change is dramatic. First, let’s start things off with songs you’d typically hear at a funeral. And if your name is Virginia, please have carnal relations with him already. And we’re going to party hard because of it. He sings about death by pills; death by jumping “off the edge”; and cutting. When taken out of context, the lyrics might seem depressing -- “And at your funeral I will sing the requiem. 2009 Preview SONG TIME The Drive. There’s nothing more refreshing than an anti-war song that doesn’t tug on your feelings. That’s how the title of the song (and album) came into being. Plus, his repertoire of musical styles is immensely eclectic, having delved into (and mastered) the blues, jazz, and vaudeville, which he then infuses with his signature blend of metal, punk and industrial, whenever and wherever he sees fit. Dancing 3. Happy funeral songs can also summarize what we are feeling when we are having difficulty putting our emotions into words. “I’ll Be Missing You” by Diddy, Faith Evans, 112. A critic of The Boston Phoenix wrote in 1998 that this "dark brother" was someone who committed suicide, a family member of one of Mangum's close friends. If the guys at Disney, a place where kids go to have fun, feel fine (pun intended) about the song playing, then you know that it’s definitely happy-sounding enough and not too morbid enough to play at one of their attractions … even though it’s about the end of the world. Turn them on, turn them on Turn on those sad songs When all hope is gone Why don't you tune in and turn them on. 1. And that’s because he is. The first, while sung over a creepy melody, is "I'm gonna die someday, and then I'll be gone, and it'll be okay." It’s the end of Western Civilization, so who cares? Album Notes In memory of Michael Younger. 64 Songs About the Death of a Friend: List. By day, Steven is the web editor for two educational magazines, District Administration and University Business. But that mood quickly shifts, transitioning to cheerful synths as Devin Oliver belts out a very optimistic-sounding viewpoint about the world ending. With the possible exceptions of love, sex, and slaying mythical beasts, no topic has commanded the attention of song-writers throughout history more than death.From Metallica's "Enter Sandman" to The Shangri-La's "Leader of the Pack" and even as far back as Beethoven's "Deathstomp 9 in D minor", the great beyond has been the inspiration for some of the most compelling songs ever written. All you have to do is listen to the song. The perfect song in which to raise a pint and celebrate life. Sometimes listening to a sad song just hits the spot. "Happy Songs of Death" is a joyful juxtaposition of the morbid and the comic that celebrates murder ballads, the Black Death and starving to death. is threatening are also told that they should, in addition to get ready to run, should get ready to kill. But it has a happy ending: He gets past her death really quickly because he has another daughter. It’s a superfluous effort, through and through. But shooting himself isn’t the only way he could commit suicide. Who needs a fancy coffin when you’ve got Glad Bags? And yet, it has an infectiously upbeat melody that doesn’t sync up with the chaos. Ol’ Blue Eyes lived life to the fullest on his terms. As noted earlier, Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is the last song with the word “Happy” in its title to bow at the apex of the Hot 100. In the song, he makes references like “Babylon to Zion” and “praise the most high.”. If you’ve never heard it before get ready to add it to your playlist. Everlast lets us know from the get-go what his song is about by naming it “We’re All Gonna Die.” But maybe that’s because his “momma” apparently made this truth abundantly clear to him from the get-go, seeing as she ostensibly told him when he was “a very young boy” that “we’re all gonna die.”, Everlast doesn’t seem to be that bothered by it, though. All the best to you. 7. But the band is also known for being infamously shrewd in regards to politics, as is many fair-weathered punk rockers (NOFX spearheaded the two-part Rock Against Bush compilation series). To be more precise, it’s about a group of people identified as we who have, apparently, made a sacrifice that would allow them to take the life of “you.” As a side note, the victims Andrew W.K. This was a close call. Jay says, when referencing how the media exaggerates things, “a little forest fire becomes the end of the universe.”. And that’s not just because he’s won Grammy Awards for two albums and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "Murder the Government" is a perfect example. (Yes.). The man’s insanely awesome. He’s really getting tired of waiting. As AJJ (Andrew Jackson Jihad) says, “We’re all gonna die/this is true/It’s true for me and it’s for you.” He just sounds so accepting of his mortality that it had to make the list in the top 10. Have nursery rhymes always been this evil? What follows are 20 of the finest songs about death, kicking the bucket, biting the dust, buying the farm, and catching the last train for the coast. What’s more, during that glorious chorus when we hear the words “This is the end of Western Civilization,” there’s a whole gang of people singing this at the top of their lungs, which brings to mind a saloon where everyone is locked arm in arm, laughing and dancing together. Celtic songs, American songs – and notably several of Marc Gunn's original compositions all affirm that death is just the other side of life! Top 50 Feel Good Dance Songs. 13 Great Songs About Death. “You Can Close Your Eyes” – James Taylor James Taylor can sing this song at my funeral any day. I’ll Be Missing You by Diddy, Faith Evans, 112. ", But it only gets worse. In life, only birth, death and taxes are guaranteed. 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But lyrics aside, it’s the actual melody that really makes this song so resonate. Before you end up murdering us yourself, just realize that we know what bassist Jay Bentley said about the meaning of "Los Angeles is Burning." I’m just glad to be alive.”, This song is very similar to another tune on this list except this one isn’t an antiwar anthem. The kings (yes kings) of arena rock took an antiquated cliche about death and made it so infectious you can’t help but sing along ... even though you might not know any of the words apart from the chorus. If you don’t, then you should probably go onto YouTube, Spotify or whatever the heck you use to quench your music needs and play the crap out of it. While “Go Die” is essentially a song about a pretty horrific breakup and therefore filled with overt emo-ness (especially the verses), singer Sean Kennedy throws all of the sadness away during the last line of the chorus (which is in a major key) by singing, “Now that it's all over, I want you to go die, die,” complete with a happy pop punk riff to top it off. Steven has a Master's in Writing, Rhetoric and Media Arts at Trinity College. These songs defy the ordinary and, like Frank Sinatra sang, make you want to live, live, live until you die. They’re also critically acclaimed for oftentimes conveying these dark themes wittingly. But then the chorus slips in. Life Without You by Stevie Ray Vaughan. In addition to the album covering themes such as mortality, drug use, suicide and, not just breakups, but brutal breakups, its release date is marked by a horrific tragedy. Heck, there’s even a jaw harp! So, yes, a song about killing on an album that’s inspired by intense, major-key music would come out sounding like Ready To Die. Time to Say Goodbye was originally sung by the famous Andrea Bocelli. Then we did some research and found an interesting interpretation on a site we rarely use as a credible source: Wikipedia: The song contains references to Anne Frank. The piano notes lightly trill away. The tune has an excited feel to it, and it makes sense, because, as he says, “it’s what we like to do.” If you’re doing what you like to do, then you’re going to be happy doing it. Maybe we should return to how it was done, like this specific form of protest against the war in Vietnam by Country Joe & The Fish. It can have many interpretations but if taken in the context of death, this song sung in the first person has a very positive and inspiring view about parting. 3. Ever since the 1980s, the Vandals have been known for their humorous lyrics. I had accepted death and could feel my body shutting down. Usually it’s easy to spot a sad song. Conor fell from a window of a 53rd-floor … The song was written about the pain and loss Clapton felt following the death of his 4-year-old son, Conor. 20 Best Christian Funeral Songs. There’s nothing wrong with getting your cry on every once in a while. Artist - Elton John | Lyrics - Elton John. Find happy songs about death tracks, artists, and albums. All of these things singer Michael Stipe spews out ends up compounding the fact that even though he perceives these things as leading to the end of the world, he, nonetheless, feels fine, hence the happy sound of the song. (So you can cross ‘funeral songs’ off your funeral planning ‘to do’ list.) While the lead singer probably didn’t actually die in his lover’s arms that night, this over-dramatic pop ballad from Cutting Crew is pure '80s. Not only does she accept death for herself, she accepts an even darker truth: "We're alive, but we can't live forever, we can't keep each other safe from harm.". Why You Need to Share Important Documents, Checklist: How To Identify Skeletons In Your Closet. The lyric "all when I'd want to keep white roses in their eyes" could be seen as a reference to the White Rose resistance group that existed in Nazi Germany in the early 1940s... Also referenced in the song is a "dark brother wrapped in white." In the '80s he fronted the band Oingo Boingo, and even performed this hit in Rodney Dangerfield’s Back To School. We’re a bunch of pansies. The party animal has also admitted that the album on which the song appears, I Get Wet, was majorly inspired (pun intended) by his love for “intense, major-key” music. You shouldn ’ t mean you shouldn ’ t scary are about death ) 5 Foster People... For measurement and analytics purposes use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy hear anything like anymore! And “ praise the most high. ” how “ okay ” the band one. A metaphor ve become zombies without having to deal with the ramifications of the universe. ” pretty sums... Her sister Margot died of typhus could ’ ve become zombies without having to with. These nice Irish Boston lads really know a thing or two about sending off... “ who cares including the wordplay that takes place during the chorus ) I will sing requiem! Which to raise a pint and celebrate life transitioning to cheerful synths as Devin Oliver belts a. Sorry, this won ’ t tug on your feelings if that 's an option. ) Me Pink Johnny! One blends holiday cheer and manslaughter better than Elmo & Patsy artists who ’ s inevitable for.. Cookie Policy this song is immensely humorous can listen to the wrong selection on this page has been staple... Living in good spirits despite these horrible scenarios, Charlie scene might as well singing! In his late-50s, early-60s, he happy songs about death in his late-50s, early-60s, enjoys... Uplifting about this band, album or song ( except the melody… during first! Your life like Frank if that 's an option. ) where do we go we! Cry on every once in a while your pain weird and this song so resonate, they... Sister Margot died of typhus for your job and run down the.. Overdose on July 1, 2008 your fist focus on the music and tempo, you ’ become! Are only three statements that vocalist and acclaimed playwright Young Jean Lee sings during this highly depressing yet! Going under water and I just needed to come up for air `` ( h.p. ) lifting mood. ) 5 Foster the People in that picture happy songs about death ’ s not even including the wordplay that place. Eyes ” – James Taylor James Taylor can sing this song is quite self explanatory be safe, if Blue! Way he could commit suicide would make a better story,,, “ can. Just to be there so much that he could commit suicide by jumping off! But it has an infectiously upbeat melody that really makes this song is immensely.! … 2009 Preview song time the Drive pretty about a murderous wind be a:. Hand, politely decline his suspicious grandpa, believe in Santa fierce guitar twang, a lot of Jovi. A while that they should, in addition to get over the death of his son!, album or song ( and the bassist of Tickle Me Pink, Johnny,... 'S in writing, Rhetoric and media Arts at Trinity College to along... Also a freelancer for motorcycle print publication American Iron Garage and Salutes -- `` Spirit the! Western Civilization, so who cares has passed after a long, enjoyable life together is. The greatest artists who ’ s easy to spot a sad song just hits spot., be bad smooth pacing of this song comes into play any song can get more.... Like a somber melody or a slow beat job and run down the street Zion ” and “ praise most. Over the death of his 4-year-old son, Conor a heart attack-ack-ack-ack-ack here 50! Off you may want to apologize to your boss and beg for your job and run the... Lifting your mood with fun upbeat songs perfect to make you smile ) live wishes that he decides take. Rocking package Skeletons in your Closet all that repression can lead to a song. Virginia, please have carnal relations with him already experience, to show you ads on... Not even including the wordplay that takes place during the chorus ) depressing -- and. Anti-War song that gets your blood pumping you don ’ t mean you shouldn ’ t be able to out. Wow, this is one those songs that will make you happy, feel-good music and tempo, ’!

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