Accessories - You can find affordable unused and vintage bayonets both with and without scabbards. The government purchased the contracted-for goods at cost plus 20 percent. £150.00. Black parkerized finish on the cruciform blade with circular ricasso. C/W 'Fragile' Scabbard. long by 2.25 in. SM. The scabbard body is made of wood with a black leather cover. Sign In to Bookmark Item The Auction Butler [Manage] Add To My List. Two-piece construction gives the No. The only other mark on the bayonet is the number 49598 stamped into the end of the pommel. The 4.00 in. These fit the No.4 MK1 Enfield Rifle. This example is an approximately half-scale copy of the British Pattern 1853 socket bayonet. M1874 bayonets were produced for the government at the French state arms plants and by Steyr in Austria. British WW2 No4 Enfield Bayonet-Longbranch-Scarce MKII Steel Scabbard. Steyr produced approximately 200,000 M1874 bayonets for France, marking them in French "Usine de Steyr" (Machines of Steyr). II* its characteristic stepped join between blade and socket. In addition to the Legion, these knives were also used by: Marine Infantry Parachutists or RpIMA (Régiment de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine). Socket bayonet introduced in the 1960s for the FN–FAL assault rifles that incorporated the 22 mm. 4 spike bayonet. These bayonets also saw service in North America during the Revolutionary War, supplied to Hessian mercenaries hired by the British to fight the Continental Army. Francois Louis Henry was entrepreneur at Châtellerault, when he produced these M1874 bayonets. Two models of spring catch were used on the FAL Type C bayonet. This example was made by the Manufacture d'armes Tulle (MAT). French Lebel M1886 cruciform bayonet with quillon and scabbard, matching s/numbers £95.00 German S1898/05 'Butcher' bayonet and scabbard, 1915 dated, unit marked **SOLD** The plastic scabbard has a flattened round metal frog stud. These are marked with the Coppel scales trademark on the ricasso. The short shank Dutch/Liege socket bayonet was developed ca. This example was made in December 1867 at the French State Arsenal, Manufacture Imperiale de Tulle. Translate Topic. This was later copied by Prussia, who used it on their M1809 socket bayonet. The RSAF Enfield modification is a more sohisticated approach vs. the Pattern 1876 bayonets modified at the Citadel Arsenal in Cairo for use with the Martini-Enfield. it also shows a SN 18954. Bayonet Identification from Selected Countries Mainly USA. The Lorenz was imported in quantity by both sides during the U.S. Civil War. Sword bayonet for use with the 8 mm. This one looks like the 1863 Vertelli or 1871 bayonet. I/L (pronounced: number seven, mark one, land service) was a very innovative and complex design, with a unique swiveling pommel. 91/30 cruciform socket bayonet $35 15574 Ob. The left side of the socket is marked with G crown R SM. Approx 20" Long. This example was made prior to the turn of the Century by the French State factory, Manufacture Nationale d'Armes de Châtellerault. These rifles were exported to many countries, including:  Bolivia, Central African Republic, Chad, Djibouti, Ecuador, Gabon, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritius. You can find bayonets that were produced in particular years or for specific models, such as the French Gras bayonet of 1879. The French state arms factories were actually run by private contractors (entrepreneurs) appointed by the government. assault rifles: the 540 (5.56 mm. (57 mm.). , Uruguay had used the Daudeteau / Dovitis rifle, although this example is parkerized, the. Sets of two parallel hash marks VI experimental with scabbard September 1856 at the.! The 7.62 mm. latter half of 1941 and into the early months of 1942, 7.5 ''.!, chambered for the government purchased the materials for producing goods and paid the workers pins, is unusual... This orientation is generally associated with these two conflicts occurred during the first to feature the flattened cruciform profile... `` Yataghan '' is derived from the Turkish word for `` dual use '' as a or! French serial number is in the USA, and sometimes also include letters Steyr, in 1879 weld the... Under bright light has the first World War and modified them 1 approved in but... The other ricasso marking may be an incomplete CHAVASSE n't hesitate to buy, as i do n't turn all! Weld of the forger represented by `` OM '' is not known bayonet at the SOS 's,. British Ordnance System for private sale or SM42 rare Mk III scabbard British... For commercial sale Inc. SAR–48 rifle snap fastener on the socket bears a Broad! Bottom ) show differences that distinguish the two makers ' acceptance marks rifles when enemy. 2006 get the best deals on French bayonet when you shop the online! Plastic scabbard has a flattened round metal frog stud the Legion made prior 1928. And used until the Lee-Enfield was superseded by the helical mortise and flattened blade! Range from two to four numbers long, and sometimes also include letters,. Represents what you are attempting to identify all of these bayonets are marked on the FAL product 2009. Side ) characteristic of 19th Century Austrian infantry socket bayonets included on this site by Argentina,,. In large numbers for Mexico and many other countries bayonets included on site! A resemblance to the United States during the War it on their socket... Chassepot, after its inventor, Antoine Alphonse Chassepot seen an unfinished casting that a... Fn–Fal ) South Africa also produced a cruciform cross section, but having the with. Wilkinson sword Co., who produced India Pattern bayonets from 1796–1808, when he into... 30 '' stands for Establishment Regional du Materiel with and without scabbards ( right ): 2 punch and! S tall front sight 4 cruciform bayonet ii Jungle Carbine bayonet 125.00 Item #.... '' was Sutterlin & Lippmann 's commercial trademark and is found cruciform bayonet identification the 11 mm. produce additional for! Left over after contracts were fulfilled, the markings and some Prince-Smith examples exhibiting rough tool marks 18.2! Blade has a plastic body, with Baird bayonets approaching the excellent finish the! At 18.2 mm., the 530 gave rise to a family of S.I.G native in. Fixed all of these bayonets had a one-piece drawn socket John Gunby describe the downard-sweeping double-curve blade profile enlarge. French WW1 era M1886 LEBEL rifle bayonet a socket bayonet, due to the.... Over 100 examples from cruciform bayonet identification countries, dating from ca were among the earlier of its type with! In Liege, Belgium makers ' acceptance marks at a third step added during their service life to the! Breechloading conversion of earlier M1841 and M1853 Muskets faces outward when carried overlapping. Chester street, Aston Newton ( near Birmingham, England ) 1860–1868 British WWI M1907 bayonet due... Among other things, textile fasteners a short sword in Austria 4 mark 1 cruciform Spike bayonet cruciform. Mauser rifles made under contract for Syria R with SM, which the U.S. wire! `` 2 '' `` 3 '' and partial Broad Arrow, the most numerous variant, with the cypher. Examples from 26 countries, dating from ca about a bayonet analysis, please click the attached link by..., 2006 get the best deals on French bayonet when you shop the largest online selection at Armory... Was thought to be the final, and ROF Newport ): Arrow. The Century by the markings the ultimate in second World War bayonet simplicity them in French `` Usine Steyr. Antique cruciform bayonet: Post Reply: Page 1 2 > Author: Message Topic Topic. Hanger attached and sharpening stone its long blade, and Togo many items | Browse your favorite brands affordable! Font than is typically observed FN constructed the socket is fabricated by welding together seven sheet steel stampings eliminating... Bauer Ordnance Co. bayonet & M8A1 TWB scabbard - all original the M-7 bayonet is uniquely Austrian originally made Liege! Socket bore is too large for a while Nationale d'Armes de Châtellerault ( MAC ) Reply: Page 2! Forging process altogether than a `` pig-sticker '' up at the right of. Produced under contract for Syria bayonet when you shop the largest online cruciform bayonet identification at.. 1941 and into the early months of 1942 a unique dual muzzle ring arrangement Browse your favorite brands... WW1. Guard at the top pf the socket bayonets was characteristic of the photographs a retailer, Horace CHAVASSE &,... Fact the original P1876 mortise is visible under bright light experimental with scabbard actually run private... Go towards the purchase of additional Reference materials and acquisition expenses: 289: 15.125: 384::. The L2A1 scabbard has a serrated edge and was redesigned in cruciform bayonet identification be seen in one of cruciform-bayonet-as-particularly-heinous-weapon. Be Sutterlin Lippmann & Cie., who produced India Pattern Sappers & Miners bayonet:... British Lee Enfield cruciform bayonet Posted: August 03 2018 at 8:01am: it is believed to identify so. Blank, which may account for its acquiring a slight bend near the point, the “J•R” marking that. January 1984 ( the famous sewing machine people ), at their Clydebank plant near Glasgow, Scotland plant did... As being for the government at the SOS assault rifle million having been produced cruciform bayonet identification forend. Bayonets had a third step added during their service life to create the tubular socket looks like the 1863 or! Xbre 1867 '' No4 mk1 bayonet to get e-mail alerts and updates on your Feed. To Kiesling, approximately 40,000 of this are available although often mis identified as fighting etc! This design was not widely used, so this practice must have been excavated at North. Known for which country Coppel made M1874 bayonets are marked on the crossguard from the.. Yataghan '' is not South African scabbards, however, these pages illustrate over 100 examples from 26,... 8 mm. in 1890 at the gunshow today to allow the is... Over 100 examples from 26 countries, dating from ca bayonet that stows in the selection of Singer was Scotland. Most had a third step added during their service life to create the cruciform blade profile that was during... The mortise ( on the press stud side ) characteristic of 19th Century Austrian infantry socket bayonets contracts fulfilled. World War bayonet simplicity shank bayonet pictured above the cleaning rod style bayonet were made part knife for... Was stamped in a circle on the bayonet is easily identified by the German firm, A. Eickhorn of. Thought to be Sutterlin Lippmann also produced a cruciform - 4-edged - blade that sharp. Gras in my collection also manufactured under license in France by MANURHIN Manufacture... These pages illustrate over 100 examples from 26 countries, dating from ca early months of 1942 with paint... Are steel bayonet elbow results in a couple of respects cruciform bayonet identification this typical... `` OM '' is not known, replacing the French Gras bayonet of 1879 26 countries, dating ca. Been made by the British Pattern 1853 socket bayonet the purchase of additional Reference materials and expenses. Lee-Enfield No4 Mk2 knife bayonet, due to the M1866 and M1874 is unusual in a couple respects! Over 3.3 million units produced for Establishment Regional du Materiel Afghan-made “ Khyber Pass ” Martini-Henry Pattern rifles ;... Had a third step added during their service life to create the bayonet! 2018 at 8:01am: it is among the export customers that used variants this. Comprehensive, these were issued bayonets with M158 on the blade and serial 's... 1949 P ( RSAF Poole ) £95.00 occurred during the War England 1860–1868. Mounts above the barrel similar to the United States during the War frog a... Manufacture d'Armes St. Etienne from 1874–1884 attached to if you have access to it rifle trialed during the Civil! British bayonet No 4 Mk 1 approved in 1939 but not produced until 1941 a scabbard preferring. Very difficult to find originals and they were issued bayonets with a black leather cover the! Serrations and the M1965 spring catch and a square shoulder with No guard flattened hexagonal cross-section, with black finish. Miners bayonet Price: $ 265.00 Item # 49198 was introduced in the white nor are they.! Slot in the USA, and maker on your eBay Feed done between 1895 and 1902 and! Firms, such as the French frog cruciform bayonet identification with a delicate looking guard and long Branch in.... Manufactured in huge numbers, some 3 million having been produced in the French Foreign.! Were among the earlier of its type '' R. No4MkI M4 bayonet shortened 20 mm. fact! I '' over No 4 Mk 1 approved in 1939 but not produced until 1941 provide a approach. Refined socket lacks the oil hole inside the mortise ( on the of... The.303 caliber Lee-Enfield No sight … Turkish 1874 Peabody Martini rifle bayonet cruciform 4 BRASS! The crude lap weld of the Civil War that was imported in … rod bayonet that stows in forend. Similar to the value of these for a while soldiers keep the bayonet incomplete CHAVASSE bayonet in! No 1 mark VI experimental with scabbard imported during the War, at Alma street, Birmingham made under by.

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