From time to time you will need to adopt different leadership approaches to suit a particular follower, outcome or context. This model stresses the importance of relationships and that they are a focal point of the leadership process and that is important to create positive relationships. This model addresses all of the key elements that play a role in leadership, and helps the manager to understand how each part affects the other parts of the equation. The work spaces, the challenges that the project presents, the organisation, the resources, etc. Sometimes it is thought that your team depends on you as a leader, however, the opposite is true. Answering that question might be more difficult than you would think. This model states that there are four factors that play a role in the leadership process: the Leader, the Followers, the Context, and the Outcomes. Learn the Four Factors This type flips the traditional corporate hierarchy around.Employees are empowered to make decisions. If your team trusts you, you will have no problem with them not following your instructions and decisions. 8 MIN READ ; … We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These are incorporated in, and indeed help make up, the Visioning Process Model… This tool outlines how important your people are to your success as a leader. Stay up to date with the latest practical scientific articles. Lastly, the Outcomes portion of the puzzle refers to the results of any project or task that has been worked on by the Followers under direction of the Leader. Naturally, the Leader is the person in charge of a project or team, regardless of what their title may be. The leadership model, then, is not so much a linear one as it is a circular one. The leadership process is the ongoing relationship between leaders and followers to accomplish company goals. If so, tell us about your experience? It shows how your actions and behaviors influence your people, just as their actions and behaviors influence you. As … Leadership. There are several key points of this model to improve leadership processes. The last bit of the article discussed the uses of leadership and talked about self-learship, coleadership, and servant leadership. The Dunham and Pierce’s Leadership Process Model also shows the relationship between leaders and followers. Leadership is basically the influence of a leader in achieving shared goals through followers. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The performance that the Leader is able to coax out of the Followers will largely be responsible for the outcomes that are achieved. When people are able to spend time working on projects that they feel comfortable with and that match up with their skill sets, they tend to be happier (and perform better). It is also the positive result of the trust that is created in the process between the leader and the members (followers). These results will be fed back to impact those involved. When giving feedback to the team this can include motivation towards achieving results, giving honest feedback, correcting or guiding is valued in teamwork. The Leadership Process Model underlines the need to give good feedback, so that your team can grow and develop. Since this model of leadership is circular in nature, it only makes sense that growing relationships well help everyone perform better. Dunham and Pierce's … Dunham and Pierce's Leadership Process Model, Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Theory, Zenger and Folkman's 10 Fatal Leadership Flaws. For example, if a well-defined project has been worked on for two months, the success or failure of that project will be considered an Outcome. Relationship, listening and good communication are part of this whole leadership process in which you always want a good balance between the actions and reactions of your employees. By applying this Process Model for Leadership of Complex Virtual Teams, you can be assured that you are covering all of the most important activities needed to operate at an optimum … It proposes a ‘continuum’ of leadership concepts adaptationin response to the development of followers. By defining and examining visioning from a wide … © Free-Management-eBooks All rights reserved. For the leader who is trying to maintain a balance of actions and working relationships, this model can lead to potential success. The third component of the coaching model is leadership that can be embraced only when the two other areas of self-awareness and skills have set the base. Use Dunham and Pierce's Leadership Process Model as your starting point. You must identify what your team looks like and how these actions can lead to success if they are understood and addressed appropriately in the necessary context. Context refers to the circumstances under which the Leader is managing his or her team. Our review indicates that the predominantly studied leadership “meta” process model looks at the effect of leader traits or behaviors on performance-related outcomes through cognitive, affective, or behavioral leveraging factors. 14. It is important to control your emotions at work and be a good role model when making decisions or taking actions that may affect your employees – followers. I’ve always liked the Leadership Practices Inventory 360 degree assessment that supports the model. The Dunham and Pierce Leadership Process Model addresses all of the key elements that play a role in leadership, and helps the manager to understand how each part affects the other parts of the equation. //

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