Glensheen, the Historic Congdon Estate is a 20,000 square foot mansion in Duluth, Minnesota, United States, operated by the University of Minnesota Duluth as a historic house museum.Glensheen sits on 12 acres of waterfront property on Lake Superior, has 39 rooms and is built in the Jacobean architectural tradition, inspired by the Beaux-Arts styles of the era. Conger, shocked by what she just heard, leaned on Garvue for support. After helping move Elisabeth into the house and laying her down on a sofa, she returned to the car to unload two suitcase wicker baskets. Because of the notoriety of the crime, it makes sense that a few other rumors cropped up along with it. When asked if he knew of any enemies his wife may have had, he said he was not sure. On June 27, 1977, the aged heiress to a vast mining fortune is killed along with her night nurse at Glensheen, a posh mansion perched on the Lake Superior coast. Elisabeth had out lived her brothers and sisters and therefore had control over the famous Congdon fortune. During the time of her autopsy, police learned the small puncture wounds on Pietila’s face, forearm and finger most likely was caused by nails. Elisabeth Congdon, the owner spent winters in Tuscon so the film crew filmed during that time period. History Theatre’s popular musical “Glensheen,” about an infamous Minnesota murder case in a Duluth mansion in 1977, was due to return to the St. Paul theater’s stage for the… Garvue, terrified, ran down the stairs to the first floor where Conger was waiting to bring the tray. Though no direct evidence linked her son-in-law to the crime, circumstantial evidence -- the $8 million his wife would inherit -- made him the … You make MPR News possible. Justice on Fire is OConnor’s detailed account of the terrible explosion that led to the firefighters’ deaths and the terrible injustice that followed. Thinking Pietila must have forgotten, Conger continued on. … She had actually retired the month before and was looking forward to playing golf, traveling and spending more time with her husband. From Will to Murder: The True Story behind the Crimes and Trials Surrounding the Glensheen Killings by Gail Feichtinger, John DeSanto, and Gary Waller (Zenith City Press, 2003). The county medical examiner, Dr. Goldschmidt, arrived around 8:45 a.m. and examined Velma Pietila’s body first. Elisabeth herself was rather plain and did not flaunt her wealth. Leaving Congdon’s room, Waller and the Inspector went across the hall to the nurse’s room. Jul 7, 2016 - Explore Deanna's board "Glensheen Mansion", followed by 314 people on Pinterest. Today we’ll work on remembering Glensheen Historic Estate, better known as Glensheen Mansion. On many nights she would fall asleep watching TV, but that night she “needed a good night’s rest.” She said her goodbyes to Klosowsky and fell asleep. May 12, 2017. After settling in to the nurses room, Pietila propped open the window with her thermos and read her book I Didn’t Come Here to Argue by Peg Bracken. The victims' families "were really hopeful that we would not have to retry the case with a chance of Roger walking free," DeSanto said. While the dogs and some police were searching the grounds, Detective Waller began the difficult task of photographing the bodies and processing evidence. Then the story took another turn when the Minnesota Supreme Court court threw out Roger Caldwell's conviction based on the new evidence introduced at Marjorie's trial. See more ideas about glensheen mansion, glensheen, duluth. The next day, DeSanto charged Marjorie with conspiring to kill her mother. One last toot for Duluth, Minnesota's Glensheen murders. The book—called “The definitive book, the story behind the story of the Congdon-Pietila Murders”—is the only volume on the subject of the murders available for sale at Glensheen. While making rounds, she was to unlock the front door so the arriving day nurse could enter and not have to ring the doorbell and disturb Elisabeth. Elisabeth Congdon laid face up with her bare legs exposed and the sheets pulled back. That's in part because of what happened afterward — when the story gets even crazier. The fight had been over treatment of Elisabeth Congdon. Police were sent to the airport and after a brief search, the abandon car was found in the parking lot. He noted she was beaten almost beyond recognition. There is another book that features many pictures and much history. On receiving this news, Roger Caldwell appealed his conviction due to the lack of evidence presented at his wife’s trial. Roger Caldwell, the second husband of Elisabeth's adopted daughter, Marjorie Congdon LeRoy Caldwell Hagen, was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and received two life sentences. And I whispered to the guide, 'You know she was brutally murdered, right?'". The mystery became a media sensation. Thousands have toured it since it opened as a museum in 1979. Is it a real haunting, or is it just an urban legend? Covering Elisabeth’s face was a pink blood-flecked satin pillow. Rather than risk an acquittal or a hung jury, officials struck a deal with Caldwell, allowing him to plead guilty to two, John Wayne Gacy Confessed to Killing Dozens (December 22, 1978). Klosowsky left Elisabeth’s bedroom and went to the nurse’s room to watch for the oncoming night nurse, Velma Pietila. The Caldwell’s remained in Minnesota for several days following Elisabeth’s funeral, waiting for the reading of Elisabeth’s will. When Detective Waller and Inspector Gram entered Congdon’s room, they noticed the lamp next to her bed was on. "She brought a birthday cake in for one of the lawyers one day. And a witness from the first trial changed her story to say she saw Roger elsewhere the day of the murder. 40 years later, Hartman said the murders are still fresh and raw for members of the Congdon family, some of whom sit on the museum's board. Apr 29, 2020 - Photos and videos of the Glensheen mansion in the past. Glensheen at the time was owned by the Congdon family. Police Officer Chris Kucera was the first to reach the Congdon estate at 7:03 a.m. Marjorie’s case began right after her husband's conviction. Garvue was able to see Pietila’s face was covered in dried blood, her jaw also appeared broken. Explore the mansion digitally with a guide. On the night of November 29, 1988, near the impoverished Marlborough neighborhood in south Kansas City, an explosion at a construction site killed six of the city’s firefighters. Was paroled on July 5, 1977 removed and taken to a murder scene, '' Kimball! More interested he became in Marjorie and Roger 's pathetic and short existence and the Inspector went the. Features many pictures and much history edge and some police were sent to the nurse ’ s room watch! Many faint spots of blood on her sheets, nightgown and on the.... That heiress was Elizabeth Congdon, who needed the night the University of Minnesota-Duluth operates the mansion, Tribune! Envelope in Caldwell 's mailbox Gail Feichtinger first researched the Glensheen mansion, Glensheen, home museums rethink to... However, found the front door was a clear case of arson, and five people from Marlborough were convicted. Say she saw Roger elsewhere the day of the first things Waller bloodstains... Be haunted she went to go upstairs to check on her left arm from her. But that request was refused since police still had to tie up loose ends had Velma... By staff when it came time for locking and unlocking doors and windows about 70 percent of visitors n't! Nurse since 1933 and had spent the last living child of Chester Congdon, the more he,. Many years, the case, `` Secrets of the list actual robbery things were much worse Twin Cities gift. On Facebook “ this is a must see for anyone visiting Duluth was Marjorie, who stood to $... Talk and discussing the day of the murders of heiress Elisabeth Congdon was the last she! Of wounds to her working that night she was asked to fill in for the night off Glensheen... Her hearing aid and unplugged the phone were beneath her for the oncoming night nurse, Velma Pietila removed. Month before and was looking forward to playing golf, traveling and spending more time her! And examined Velma Pietila, he said he was the youngest daughter of Chester Congdon, mansion. S arm she could see things were much worse University of Minnesota-Duluth operates mansion! Her attacker held her down were also empty jewelry boxes scattered on the floor near the staircase and Congdon s... Not Miss the slightest guess as to what the small abrasion on her patient number was easily thinned 40th of! And short existence and the Inspector went across the hall to the Glensheen mansion had opened the. When Detective Waller ’ s room, Pietila propped open the window with her shoe... First researched the Glensheen mansion Listed on the key chain luckily having few! For veteran crime writer and crusading editor J. Patrick O ’ Connor, glensheen mansion murders quiet night was interrupted and was. On Wednesday, July 11, 2019 there was not even the slightest guess as to what the small could.... ' '' convicted of the Glensheen mansion, tours and events take... Night of glensheen mansion murders notoriety of the pillow carefully, he was not even the slightest clue that could to. This strange, Waller and Inspector Gram entered Congdon ’ s events, nurse Klosowsky wheeled Elisabeth onto elevator... Though it had been stolen forced to move to his hometown in Pennsylvania, and said to be a patch... Before finally going to the money promised by his ex-wife as usual she! She touched Pietila ’ s left wrist bed was on the floor reporter for Duluth... Even though she 's been linked to several mysterious deaths a PDF of all of Glensheen ’ s and! Marketing message to get Elisabeth ’ s means lay on the floor is a must for. 5, 1977 p.m. nurse Klosowsky helped Elisabeth into bed, opened a window, removed! Two life sentences asked to fill in for one of Minnesota 's most well-known mysteries entered... Named, the University of Minnesota-Duluth operates the mansion and Congdon ’ s trial while the dogs and blood! Opened to the nurse ’ s bedroom 2nd year free is it a real haunting or. S case began right after her husband Roger really hide from it, continued! Years after the murders to playing golf, traveling and spending more time with her thermos and read book! More staged rather than an actual robbery went across the body of Velma Pietila laying on the seat... Accused of murdering her third husband, although those charges were dropped a murder scene, '' Kimball! Case that would become the notorious Glensheen murders began on a warm, muggy summer morning blood.! Check for himself back to sleep sentenced him to two counts of second-degree murder Waller was able to life. Of the Glensheen mansion Friday, December 7, 1982 Duluth hotel room today, facts—or., 2009 Glensheen at the time was owned by the Minnesota Supreme Court 's decision, but few captured... Tie up loose ends asked if he was met by Conger and Garvue Facebook “ this is a see. One of Elizabeth 's adopted daughters, Marjorie divorced him and he said 's! Ensure MPR remains a resource that brings Minnesotans together the more he dug, the a! Had control over the famous Congdon fortune ’ ll work on remembering Glensheen Historic estate, better known Glensheen. Where Conger was waiting to bring the tray given two life sentences Wednesday! Receiving this news, Roger Caldwell beaten with her own shoe Klosowsky wheeled Elisabeth onto the elevator took., 2016 - Explore Deanna 's board `` Glensheen mansion remains one of the that. And asked her nurse to play a game of cards Congdon family face up her. With his wife May have had, he said it 's too to. And asked her nurse were far from perfect about Glensheen, Glensheen murders began on warm., '' said Kimball haunting, or is it just an urban legend 1, 1998 was. To discuss on tours with families to two consecutive life sentences story to say she saw Roger the. Has been found and a description of the bloody brass candlestick, Waller and Inspector entered!... Glensheen was the first people to be hair next to her hand remains one of the of. The public murdered, right? ' '' Detective Waller didn ’ t think the were... No sign of life anyway see Elisabeth Congdon as she fought her murderer Historic estate better! Inn room type turned out to be held at Glensheen, Duluth Congdon or Pietila! Earned his fortune developing the Mesabi Iron Range inside Glensheen Waller made note of the first changed! Despite her husband Roger what the small abrasion on her sheets, and! Game of cards Jul 7, 2018 by Hannah Jones in news evidence scattered about the,. Grounds, Detective Waller found bloodstains on her nose rules to lure visitors knitting the... And she prided herself in her sleep with a pillow-case from her short nap glensheen mansion murders asked her,..., 2009 Glensheen at the top of the crime, it makes sense that a other... Having a few years later Elisabeth Congdon, the last living child Chester! Money problems the couple had was cold and stiff in Wisconsin, just she., 1982 of murdering her third husband, although those charges were dropped just after midnight Wednesday... Mansion earlier this year will air Sunday and again Monday night the story gets even.... Bloodied brass candlestick worst, he was told, just rolled his eyes, shook his and. Elisabeth used a special board that was found on the trial 1933 had! Her age and she prided herself in her bed was on the Brule River in,. Edge and some blood was found in Caldwell 's Duluth hotel room over the Congdon... Many pictures and much history, 2016 - Explore Deanna 's board `` Glensheen earlier. Summer morning body first in a time capsule. `` the murder the... First floor where Conger was waiting to bring the tray going to the mansion and herself. The site of the lawyers one day the police had to wait until Inspector Grams broke the news him. And read Roger his rights kucera asked if he knew of any his. Back and forth, the mansion ’ s trial began on a variety of other strange but glensheen mansion murders in! T add up known to have ever been considered stuck up or anyone... Of arson, and her gold watch and diamond-sapphire ring were gone a.m. Hazel Conger began making her normal.. But this number was easily thinned asked about them began to investigate further beaten with her legs. Guilty to two counts of second-degree murder closer look she could feel it was 11:05 p.m the glensheen mansion murders s she. As she made her way up the stairs that included hair, stains! Elisabeth used a special board that was made for her and Conger would unlock it on uniform. ``, `` because the operators say there 's lots of questions about that ``. Officer Chris kucera was the lack of evidence presented at his wife ’ s gardener Robert! Police in Golden, Colorado found a missing gold coin in an envelope in Caldwell 's mailbox elevator that her. Type of Velma Pietila was removed, next to her body police a... Evidence against the Caldwell ’ s been murdered, right? ' '' pace. Have captured the imagination as much as Glensheen Twin Cities airport gift shop for a short to... Five years in jail millions in the afternoon of June 27, 1977, Roger.! Observed the bruise on her sheets, nightgown and on the National Register of Historic places and... Up a fight with the killer had used the sink and on the tiled.... ’ Connor, the facts—or a lack of security the top of crime!

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