(Not fated yet to die;) there safe retreats, Or stain this lance, or see Achilles fall. The god, now distant scarce a stride before, Who 'scaped by flight, or who by battle fell. Calamitous by birth, At every bound his clanging armour rings: Is it in vain our conquering arms subdue? The smiles' and loves' unconquerable queen! Copyright © 2006—2021 by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida. This at the heavenly homicide she cast. my choked streams no more their course can keep, She call'd aloud, and summon'd Vulcan's aid. Thine is the glory doom'd." "Book 22: The Death of Hector." Scorch all the banks! Of Peleus, Æacus, and Jove, am I. Even to the middle earth; and quiver'd there. Bk XIX:1-73 Achilles ends his quarrel with Agamemnon . The watery willows hiss before the fire. The son of Priam; whom the hero's hand Thus is atoned Patroclus' honour'd shade, Mark how resistless through the floods he goes, Howe'er 'tis better, fighting for the state, [30] Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. On this his weight, and raised upon his hand, Lo! Funeral Games of Patroclus. That bar such numbers from their native plain; This section contains 487 words (approx. "Book 21: The Battle in the River Scamander." But most of Thetis must her son complain; This document was downloaded from Lit2Go, a free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 (audiobook) format published by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. Broad elm, and cypress rising in a spire; Stand I to doubt, within the reach of fate? His feet, upborne, scarce the strong flood divide, His useless lance and unavailing shield,) Spun forth; in earth the fasten'd weapon stood. A spreading elm, that overhung the flood; With their rich belts their captive arms restrains And the short absence of Achilles paid.". He said; and on the chief descends amain, Roars the resounding surge with men and horse. Still enraged by the death of Patroclus, he kills many Trojans, including a begging Lycaon, even so cowered the Trojans in the streams of the dread river beneath the steep banks. Submissive I desist, if thou command; the insulting flood requires No power to avert his miserable end? With fury swells the violated flood. Swift from the field the baffled huntress flies, Troy walls I raised (for such were Jove's commands), Hast thou forgot, how, at the monarch's prayer, The fourth, he tries to break the spear in vain; fight among themselves--Achilles drives the Trojans within. Homer, . Smote on his knee; the hollow cuishes rung This book is George Chapman's translation of the Iliad and the Odyssey. And at his call they came, even they who before had remained at the ships, as the pilots and they who dealt out the food, because Achilles, who had been absent so long from the battle, had returned thereto. Ten days were past, since in his father's reign Where Jason's son the price demanded gave; Where, all confused, she sought the sovereign god; By night, or day, by force, or by design, Iliad . Stretch'd like a hero, by a hero's arm! He spoke; and pass'd: Latona, stooping low, Now glow the waves, the fishes pant for breath, But great Saturnius is the source of mine. Many a brave soul did it send hurrying down to Hades, and many a hero did it And the warm purple circled on the tide. So when a peasant to his garden brings We shared the lengthen'd labours of a year? the day before, what time glorious Hector was raging—thitherward poured forth some in rout, and Hera spread before them a thick mist to hinder them; but the half of them were pent into the deep-flowing river with its silver eddies. Again, her victim cruel Fate demands! And scarce restrains the torrent in her eyes: And scarce twelve morning suns have seen me here; Therein they flung themselves with a great din, and the sheer-falling streams resounded, Professor Kirk himself is the editor of the present volume, which covers the first four Books of Iliad. Lo, thy gods appear! Juno, whom thou rebellious darest withstand, And numbers more his lance had plunged to hell, The falling deluge whelms the hero round: What wonder this, when in thy frantic mood Through blood, through death, Achilles still proceeds, Fierce to the feeble race of womankind, and bound their hands behind them with shapely thongs, which they themselves wore about their pliant tunics, and gave them to his comrades to lead to the hollow ships. thy word we shall obey; Turn then, impetuous! Go, matchless goddess! Loud flash the waters to the rushing fall She said, and seized her wrists with eager rage; Some demon urges! Prevent, O Jove! But ah! Of the thick foliage. download 4 files . The Iliad.Lit2Go Edition. And while, above, the spear suspended stood, And fear'd the Greeks, though fate forbade her fall. Along the margin winds the running blaze: Now sums immense thy mercy shall repay. The Trojans fly before Achilles, some towards the town, others to the river Scamander: he falls upon the latter with great slaughter: takes twelve captives alive, to sacrifice to the shade of Patroclus; and kills Lycaon and Asteropeus. Thus they above: while, swiftly gliding down, Call then thy subject streams, and bid them roar, line to jump to another position: The Annenberg CPB/Project provided support for entering this text. And make my future life the sport of fate. And the barb'd javelin stings his breast in vain: Silent he heard the queen of woods upbraid: See! Set wide your portals to the flying throng: In awful darkness hide the face of all?". And madly bathed it in celestial gore.". unhappy sons) she bore; Our bravest heroes else shall quit the fight, Deep groan'd the waters with the dying sound; oh! with the additional restriction that you offer Perseus any modifications you make. The river here divides the flying train, O'er all the expanded plain the waters spread; ", "O son of Peleus! This Combat ended, the other gods engage each other. Beneath her ruins! He springs impetuous, and invades the field: On earth together lay the lovers spread. To their own hands commit the frantic scene, Approach'd, and sought his knees with suppliant tears Achilles routs the Trojans and splits their ranks, pursuing half of them into the river known to the gods as Xanthus and to the mortals as Scamander. A sadder journey to the shades below. And lifts his billows, and o'erwhelms his shores. He stops, and questions thus his mighty soul; "What, shall I fly this terror of the plain! The gushing purple dyed the thirsty sand. Swift through the foamy flood the Trojans fly, even so before Achilles was the sounding stream of deep-eddying Xanthus filled confusedly with chariots and with men. what avails to trace Bent as he stands, he tumbles to the plain; (So, ere a storm, the waters heave and roll.) In shoals before him fly the scaly train, Meanwhile the god, to cover their escape, Learn hence, no more unequal war to wage—" Then heaved the goddess in her mighty hand One group runs toward the city and the other runs right into the river Xanthos. And wide around the floated region fills, Part plunge into the stream: old Xanthus roars, Stay, and the furious flood shall cease to rave Phoebus rush'd forth, the flying bands to meet; Your living coursers glut his gulfs in vain! The goddess spoke, and turn'd her eyes away, Wild with revenge, insatiable of war. Twelve chosen youths he drags alive to land; Such ruin theirs, and such compassion mine. As when the flames beneath a cauldron rise, See bottom for copyright. And Troy inglorious to her walls retired; Die then,"—He said; and as the word he spoke, Homer, . And partial aid to Troy's perfidious race.". And wide beneath them groans the rending ground. In vain a single Trojan sues for grace; Web. (Like all the sons of earth) the force of steel. Then rising in his rage above the shores, So boils the imprison'd flood, forbid to flow, So raged Achilles: death and dire dismay, Flows from the source of Axius, stream divine! (As from a sycamore, his sounding steel Current location in this text. Weeping, she grasp'd his knees: the ambrosial vest Far from his father, friends, and native shore; Cambridge, MA., Harvard University Press; London, William Heinemann, Ltd. 1924. The flood impell'd him, on Pelides' head Like yearly leaves, that now, with beauty crown'd, For ah! 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. Download Full PDF Package. And my swift soul o'ertake my slaughter'd friend. Like us, their present, future sons destroy, Views, from his arm, the Trojans' scatter'd flight, to shun him by the self–same road View a map of the most frequently mentioned places in this document. BOOK 21. Oh! Thick beats his heart, the troubled motions rise. Here, and in public view, to meet my fate. Thy task it was to feed the bellowing droves What if?—But wherefore all this vain debate? 2.4 cm high and 3.2 cm wide. Synopsis : The Iliad A Commentary Volume 6 Books 21 24 written by G. S. Kirk, published by Cambridge University Press which was released on 31 January 1985. As soon as night her dusky veil extends, Before him scattering, they prevent his pains, His well–known face when great Achilles eyed, Like some vile swain, whom on a rainy day, But nor that force, nor form divine to sight, Hera sends a mist to confuse and slow the retreat of the men going back towards the city. Then, murmuring from his beds, he boils, he raves, And I succeed to slaughter'd Polydore. Unaided Ilion, and her destined state, Yet dauntless still the adverse flood he braves, "O first of mortals! The bow, the quiver, and its plumy pride. Older commentaries like Anthon's (published in 1847!) But from the bottom of his gulfs profound But least, the sons of Priam's hateful race. Wash'd from beneath him slides the slimy soil; Till Greece shall gird her with destructive flame, A hundred oxen were his price that day, To the cleft cavern speeds the gentle dove; Some pity to a suppliant's name afford, And take their thrones around the ethereal sire. (Book 21, lines 13-14) He wades into the river leaving his spear on the bank and kills many men, taking twelve captive. Achilles meets a shameful fate, To Ida's forests and surrounding shades? Battlefield: Death of Hector. Arm'd with his sword, high brandish'd o'er the waves: Commentary references to this page The Odyssey of Homer, translated by Richmond Lattimore.pdf download. Till, roll'd between the banks, it lies the food While Achilleus still refuses to return to battle, his friend, Patroklos, persuades him to let him fight in his place. And the pale crescent fades upon her brows. In valour matchless, and in force divine! The youth address'd to unrelenting ears: Some notes on using the pages as a scansion database. Your current position in the text is marked in blue. triumph in the skies, But thou, the counsel heaven suggests, attend! The flouncing steeds and shrieking warriors drown'd. Enter a Perseus citation to go to another section or work. Purchase a copy of this text (not necessarily the same edition) from "What sloth has seized us, when the fields around With heavier strides, that lengthen toward the town. With cries promiscuous all the banks resound, The Iliad - Book 21 Summary & Analysis. High on a turret hoary Priam stands, Thy pride to face the majesty of heaven? Full and express, that Phoebus should employ Ah—bend no more thy fiery arms on me!". Like others fly, and be like others slain? Bce fragment of the upper part of a column written probably on a loose sheet of papyrus which contains 15 fragmentary lines of book 21 of the Iliad. Of shouting hunters, and of clamorous hounds; He vents his fury on the flying crew, The power of battles lifts his brazen spear, The plant uprooted to his weight gave way. On the riverbank, Achilles mercilessly slaughters Lycaon, a son of Priam. Hide browse bar They poured across it in flight, while Hera spread a dense fog there to thwart … While the proud victor thus triumphing said, What though tremendous in the woodland chase (Old Altes' daughter, and Lelegia's heir; Shall aught avail him, if our rage unite: And in his deep abysses shakes with fear.". Then blacken'd the wild waves: the murmur rose: Achilles splits the Trojan line at the River Xanthus.The Trojan men "[s]pun like locusts swarming up in the air, whipped by rushing fire." And tears his hunter, or beneath him dies. The shining goddess came and took his hand, saying; ‘My child you … 20.8M . And left the breathless warrior in his gore. Ill suits the wisdom of celestial mind; Then fiercely rushing on the daring foe, Tempts his pursuit, and wheels about the shore; Not till proud Hector, guardian of her wall, Thy force can match the great earth–shaking power.". Now shines the tenth bright morning since I came Arm'd with protended spears, my native band; Homer, . But Jove he dreads, nor wars against his son. When by the spear, the arrow, or the dart, 'Tis not thy fate to glut his angry wave. Mydon, Thersilochus, with Ænius, fell; The fierce Achilles sees me, and I fall: SINGLE PAGE PROCESSED JP2 ZIP ... Iliad, Book 21 - The Battle by the River download. Battlefield: Routing of the Trojans. Dost thou, for this, afford proud Ilion grace, Safe from pursuit, and shut from mortal view, He spoke in vain—The chief without dismay And boast my conquest, while I yield the prize.". Again the branching streams begin to spread, Charge the black surge, and pour it on his head. Propitious Neptune, and the blue–eyed maid. Then thus to Simois! This collection of children's literature is a part of the Educational Technology Clearinghouse and is funded by various grants. His hand forgot its grasp, and left the spear, He throws so many corpse… To her Latona hastes with tender care; Earth, whose strong grasp has held down Hercules.". Heaved on the bounding billows danced the dead, from our injured flood; Before Patroclus met his destiny It was more to my taste to spare Trojan lives, Capture them and sell them overseas. And thus insults him, floating on the wave: "Lie there, Lycaon! To check Achilles, and to rescue Troy? No stop, no check, no aid! The scornful dame her conquest views with smiles, Shall pant, and tremble at our arms again; Increased with gore, and swelling with the slain. If you would like a Word file of the entire poem, please contact Ian Johnston (there is no charge for this file). Download Free PDF. Achilles raised the spear, prepared to wound; The wretched matron feels thy piercing dart; Rekindling rage each heavenly breast alarms: If Jove have given thee every Trojan head, Or, gasping, turn their bellies to the sky. , or, one might even say, non-existent, he kills many,! River download ruled over the Leleges ) our illustrious race follows them into a of. In a cause so mean. `` Iliad Book 21: the Battle by the of! The page insolence, in open view, she moves: let Pallas, if thou command but., with his sword Books 1-2 Provided by the self–same road yon line of slaughter 'd,. For all accepted changes, storing new additions in a cause so mean..! Part of the men going back towards the city and the river Scamander, https: //etc.usf.edu/lit2go/117/the-iliad/2028/book-21-the-battle-in-the-river-scamander/ Florida. Yellow flood began: `` what art thou, dost thou bewail mortality activities... Retreat of the sea, shouting aloud to the godhead of the men going back towards city! Mark with what insolence, in open view, to the god he said: then from his the., weeping bitterly Book digitized by Google from the bank his javelin tore, views! The bubbling waters yield a hissing sound progeny of Jove, detailed modern commentary on Homer 's Iliad this... Including classroom activities, readability data, and strong and many are sons! Books 21 24 Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Format. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License MA., University... Wars against his son fight, the waters heave and roll. thus short–panting... Classics Archive right-hand margins are preserved, resp divine employ those arms, or thy. On using the pages as a scansion database forgot, how, at the monarch 's,... And final volume of this major commentary on the Iliad now being prepared under the general of! Themselves -- Achilles drives the Trojans into the river rear 'd his languid head, 'Tis not on me rage! Celestial mind ; for what is man divine may yet the power employ to check Achilles, and of... Achilles and the right-hand margins are preserved, resp Increased with gore, and mix 'd.... Battle warm, Stretch 'd like a hero 's arm, translated by Richmond Lattimore.pdf download madly bathed It celestial! Stand I to doubt, within the walls our troops take breath, with the slain discusses …. For what is man soul informs that dreadful frame: and nations breathe, deliver 'd from their.! Sport, the god he said: then swift ascended to the bright empress of the plain, at monarch... For mankind Ill suits the wisdom of celestial mind ; for what is man flows... Stay, and mix 'd affright see, Once more Lycaon trembles thy... On using the pages as a scansion database stain with gore these Phrygian fields, and mix 'd.. The sixth and final volume of this major commentary on Homer 's Iliad Books 21-24 you! Be both more consise and give you more helpful information ; but Ah the youth and! Thy rashness on the powers divine employ those arms, or match thy force with mine in! We shared the lengthen 'd labours of a year the gods: then swift ascended to bright! The opening folds ; the sounding hinges rung stood, collected, in might... Text is D. B. Monro and T. W. Allen, Oxford, 1920 21-24 E-Text Iliad Books 21-24 second in... -- Achilles drives the Trojans within round, diffused celestial day ) from Amazon.com upper and pale... He comes, with unresisted sway ; he may feel ( like all the Trojan name her! Achilles follows with his spear ; Wild with revenge, insatiable of war swift o'ertake! Voice reclaim ) Exert the unwearied furies of the sea 's unmeasured deeps,! Follows the Trojans within final volume of this text ( Minerva cries ) who guard the Trojan forces, one! Restriction that you offer Perseus any modifications you make billows, and boldly bids the warring gods be foes Mobi... To my taste to spare Trojan lives, Capture them and sell them overseas size! Of pointed arrows and the silver bow how dares thy rashness on banks! She call 'd aloud, and thou, dost thou bewail mortality &. Dataset for this text 2020 Posted by Jir 6 total: Summary: Achilles single-handedly splits the wall.: and nations breathe, deliver 'd from their fate art, even thou may'st stain with gore and... Is vain ; a thousand toils remain sea, shouting aloud to the rushing fall of the and! A whole river stops the hero 's arm are in this category iliad book 21 pdf out of 6 total with English... Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB iliad book 21 pdf Mobi Format quote on LitCharts fields! Too is mortal ; he comes, with unresisted sway ; he may feel ( like all the roaring of... What is man hand Tydides ' javelin bore, and Press a shore! Tremendous in the commentary the race of man unwearied furies of the.! Sire superior smiled, and boast my conquest, while his men stood by, weeping bitterly,! The second volume in the river Scamander, https: //etc.usf.edu/lit2go/117/the-iliad/2028/book-21-the-battle-in-the-river-scamander/ bade her what! Uploaded to the stream of Scamander. rear 'd his languid head, and ;. Options are on the foe his place walls our troops take breath Lock... Superior smiled, and thus, short–panting, to the bright abodes of fate return Battle! Match the great, the god of ocean dares the god of light but Jove he dreads Nor! Every last Trojan, readability data, and undermining all ; Loud flash the waters to the Archive. To glut his angry wave mix immortals in a versioning system wing and..., pursue. `` thee every Trojan head, and the river Xanthos this is the editor the... Rushing fall of the page his angry wave while Achilleus still refuses return. Is on the wave: `` to Combat for mankind Ill suits the wisdom celestial... His arms round Patroclus ’ body, while Pallas fills him with immortal force before, counsel... Good Patroclus is no more ; but Jove he dreads, Nor mix immortals in a so... Press ; London, William Heinemann, Ltd. 1924, one might even say, non-existent him, on. Dismiss 'd with fame, the billows ranged on high, ( a watery bulwark, screen! Cpb/Project Provided support for entering this text is marked in blue and the other gods dreadful., Harvard University Press ; London, William Heinemann, Ltd. 1924 deliver. Contend in vain, and shut from mortal view, she names his imperial... Literature is a part of the line to jump to another position: the Battle in the skies, Press... O son of Jove ; Loud flash the waters heave and roll. shouting aloud to the text D.. The sport of fate the unwearied furies of the race of man in blue his mighty soul ; what. The dreadful scene descries, and mounts ; the bubbling waters yield a hissing sound thy aid, Propitious,...: wide were flung the opening folds ; the parted wave resounds immortal progeny of Jove with his, strive! Iliad a new Translation by A.T. Murray, Ph.D. in two groups ( necessarily!, out of 6 total soul o'ertake my slaughter 'd heroes, and my swift soul o'ertake my 'd. Is changed to ταὶ as the first four Books of Iliad they drew and! For mankind Ill suits the wisdom of celestial mind ; for what is man date and. And lifts his billows, and summon 'd Vulcan 's aid loved '... Shut from mortal view, Dismiss 'd with fame, the billows ranged on high (!, that, beaming round, diffused celestial day Pallas, if she dares, pursue ``! River rear 'd his languid head, 'Tis not thy fate to glut his gulfs in vain, views! To pieces with his sword mist to confuse and slow the retreat of the line to jump to section... His side the sword Pelides drew, Achilles thus began: `` Lie there, Lycaon what though in. He stops, and in public view, to the Internet Archive by user tpb rage... Impious hand Tydides ' javelin bore, and left the breathless warrior in his place (! As a scansion database encounters our resistless ire thee every Trojan head, 'Tis not thy fate glut! Perseus provides credit for all accepted changes, storing new additions in a versioning system six-volume on... A hissing sound Harvard University Press ; London, William Heinemann, Ltd. 1924 ( Minerva ). Clearinghouse and is funded by various grants Allen, Oxford, 1920 thy power, drink the whole,! His spear ; Wild with revenge, insatiable of war should heap the dead aid. Day to sink the Trojan line equal rage, indignant Xanthus roars and... Home Iliad E-Text: Books 21-24 E-Text Iliad Books 1-2 Provided by the self–same road yon of! Is man turn 'd her eyes away, that, beaming round, diffused celestial day not the. Line 520, page 270 Jove have given thee every Trojan head, 'Tis on!: //etc.usf.edu/lit2go/117/the-iliad/2028/book-21-the-battle-in-the-river-scamander/ stream they drove, Xanthus, immortal progeny of Jove of all ( Minerva cries ) guard. Bounds, he said: then swift ascended to the stream of Scamander ''. Hector 's spear this dauntless bosom rend, and shut out death. great earth–shaking power. `` dares god! This the bright abodes the Odyssey of Homer, translated by Richmond Lattimore.pdf download before the volume of!

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